Computer Apps for Kids V1: Summer Text w/ Office 2007


Primary Subject: Curriculum
Grade Start: 2
Grade End: 9
ISBN: 9780985723118
Format: Paperback
Brand Name: G & M Consulting
Weight: 0.4 (lbs.)
Dimensions: 11.0″ x 8.5″ x 0.25″

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One of the most powerful in-home and office tools for creating text documents, managing spreadsheets, creating slideshows, and creating note-books is Microsoft Office. More often than not, however, people use only the periphery of this system, limited to what they need to use often. Even more so, children are traditionally given an even more superficial understanding of Microsoft Office and only use it once in a while for writing papers. This series of books seeks to change the way children perceive and use Microsoft Office. Instead of simply clicking on an icon and typing, kids will learn numerous ways to use Office to its full extent, utilizing illustrations and screen-captures to fully articulate the lessons. Activities include making a homework spreadsheet in Excel, creating letters and outlines in Word, managing photos and images in Publisher, and even how to use PowerPoint to its full potential. In each book, kids are introduced to the weekly project, shown what they will learn, and then guided step-by-step through the completion of the project. Finally, the student is given one day to practice what they know.

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